Next up: Magnetic monopoles

Thanks for the great feedback about episode 2! We’re hard at work taking down notes to make the show better, and make it what you want to hear.

We’re getting together to record the third episode about magnetic monopoles soon. You  still have time to be featured on the mailbag segment of the show if you call in or write in now! You can even reply to this post below, of course. So if you have any thoughts about magnetic charges (or if you still want to talk about black holes), now’s your chance to let us know about them.

Episode 2: Black Holes Don’t Suck


There aren’t many things spinning about the cosmos that inspire as much interest, creep-out factor and complete hyperbole as the mighty black hole. Whether we’re talking about a ‘normal’ one with a mass of maybe 20 of our suns, or we’re referring to the supermassives at the centres of the biggest galaxies, our knowledge of black holes has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Come join us as we talk about what black holes are, what drives them, and what we’ve come to know about them.

This episode was written, hosted and recorded by Orad Reshef and Jesse Corbeil. Research and sound editing was by Jesse Corbeil, Orad Reshef, and Aimee Gillespie.