Episode 7: Tiny Things Made of Light


Orad in his cleanroom gear.

Ever wondered what your co-hosts do when they’re not being fab broadcast personalities? Or what the show would sound like if at least one of us really knew what we were talking about? Well listen up, because it’s about to happen: In this episode, Orad describes just what it is he does as a scientist, while Jesse tries to not get confused. Plus, the strangest voicemail we’ve gotten so far… Okay, the only voicemail we’ve gotten so


Episode 6: Material Toughness

Professor Steve Yalisove

Professor Steve Yalisove of the University of Michigan

Do you know what the difference is between a material’s strength and its toughness? If you’re like most of us, you don’t. But that difference plays a big part in why springs don’t snap under pressure and why only certain materials can be used for the frames in buildings and bridges.

Listen in and get the scoop on material toughness and strength as we host our first interviewee, Professor Steve Yalisove of the University of Michigan’s Material Science and Engineering department, where he teaches an introductory material science course. Continue reading

Episode 5: The light show

Philips LED bulbs. Photo by Jesse Corbeil

Philips LED lightbulbs on sale in a Canadian hardware store.

The lightbulb, right? The good old incandescent lightbulb.

Well, it’s maybe not so good anymore. Or comparatively speaking, at least. New lights that boast better energy use and less waste heat are changing the field for the better — or so some would claim. Others prefer the light and warmth offered by the old-fashioned bulb. No matter which side you’re on, the fact is that there’s more than one way to light a room, and we’re talking all about it in this episode. So settle in, give us a listen… and then maybe get in on the conversation!

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Next up: Material toughness. Continue reading

Episode 2: Black Holes Don’t Suck

Source: Wikipedia.org

There aren’t many things spinning about the cosmos that inspire as much interest, creep-out factor and complete hyperbole as the mighty black hole. Whether we’re talking about a ‘normal’ one with a mass of maybe 20 of our suns, or we’re referring to the supermassives at the centres of the biggest galaxies, our knowledge of black holes has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Come join us as we talk about what black holes are, what drives them, and what we’ve come to know about them.

This episode was written, hosted and recorded by Orad Reshef and Jesse Corbeil. Research and sound editing was by Jesse Corbeil, Orad Reshef, and Aimee Gillespie.

Series pilot: The Metre and Friends

Can’t figure out how many centimetres there are in an inch? Stumped by the litre? Think the kilogram is a killjoy? If so, you’re not alone — but you are in an increasingly exclusive club.

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and discuss the metric system, from its very beginnings in revolutionary France to the world-spanning International System of Units in use today.