Episode 7: Tiny Things Made of Light


Orad in his cleanroom gear.

Ever wondered what your co-hosts do when they’re not being fab broadcast personalities? Or what the show would sound like if at least one of us really knew what we were talking about? Well listen up, because it’s about to happen: In this episode, Orad describes just what it is he does as a scientist, while Jesse tries to not get confused. Plus, the strangest voicemail we’ve gotten so far… Okay, the only voicemail we’ve gotten so


Episode 6: Material Toughness

Professor Steve Yalisove

Professor Steve Yalisove of the University of Michigan

Do you know what the difference is between a material’s strength and its toughness? If you’re like most of us, you don’t. But that difference plays a big part in why springs don’t snap under pressure and why only certain materials can be used for the frames in buildings and bridges.

Listen in and get the scoop on material toughness and strength as we host our first interviewee, Professor Steve Yalisove of the University of Michigan’s Material Science and Engineering department, where he teaches an introductory material science course. Continue reading